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You can try out our meals for 2 whole days, or directly go for a weekly/monthly subscription plan! Let us take this time-consuming activity off your mind!


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The food will be delivered at the most optimal time for you, at the address which you have provided.

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The more feedback we get from you after each meal, the more our meal plans will adjust to your tastes and needs!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'healthy' mean to MealMix?

- All recipes are approved by our in–house dietitian to comply with the latest dietary guidelines and most recent science–based nutritional recommendations.
- Balanced meals emphasize nutrient–dense produce, whole grains, high–quality protein and good fats, with minimal added sugar and processed foods.
- MealMix carefully screens our suppliers to select the highest quality produce available.
- Sometimes an ingredient is not organic due to weather, seasonality or other factors, or because that ingredient can’t be classified organic.
- We develop our recipes to use the best the season has to offer, so some ingredients may be different than depicted.
- Our meats and seafood are free of antibiotics and artificial hormones.
- Our standards meet or exceed the standards of most natural grocery stores.

Can I choose my meals?

You can choose the type of meals you’d like to receive - afterwards you have several options for the upcoming week.

How do I receive my order?

We bring your food to the address that you specify within Sofia's city limits. We implement a set of precautionary measures to ensure that you get your packages in the safest way possible.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes, no worries! However, you need to give us a 24-hour notice about any changes you’d like to make.

Can I change my diet goal after I have subscribed?

Yes, of course! If you need more information, get in touch with us!

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